Happy Thanksgiving from Yanders Law!

Yanders Law is like family, so we are so grateful for every member - Coaches, players, parents, and everyone behind the scenes.

Yanders Law and its family have a lot to be thankful for this year. Team successes, victories, recruitments, and more are a few of the most simple highlights. As great as all of those things are though, we are still most thankful for you.

Being a part of Yanders Law means creating bonds for life. Nothing can be accomplished in what we do without the driving force of each individual involved in our program. Without the relationships formed, there would not be success.

Sappy enough for you? It’s all true! There is nothing soft or embarrassing about showing gratitude. A lot of individuals take time to help you achieve, the least you can do is thank them. It is those small acts of kindness that reassures the helpers and makes them want to help again and again. You never know who is in need of reassurance, take the three seconds to make someone’s day.

More on those thoughts here at The Basketball Movement.

We want to personally thank our coaches and staff, who dedicate so much time to bettering not just the Yanders Law program, but the boys and girls involved.

A personal “thank you” too to the unsung heroes: Parents and/or guardians. All the driving, funding, and time that goes into raising an athlete too often goes unnoticed. Thank you for what you do for our kids.

One final thank you to the players that wear Yanders Law across their chest. You are part of something special because you make it special. Nothing we do is possible without you and we want nothing but the best for each and every one of you.

Everyone enjoy the holiday! If you get too full, just run out and get some shots up to burn off those excess calories!