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At Yanders Law, we do our best to keep you in the loop. Help us help you by giving us a follow on all social media platforms!

At present, Yanders Law social media accounts certainly share consistencies, but also some slight differences too. To make sure you are getting the full experience, you should be following along across the board to take in all content.

Our Facebook account is currently set up as an individual rather than a business page - be our friend! On Facebook you will see these blog updates, the biggest player news, and team updates. It is also a great place to reach out and let us know if you or your Yanders Law athlete have any big news concerning recruitment or otherwise.

On our Twitter, you will see much of the same in the form of these posts and big player news. In addition, Twitter is where the league pages are most active such as NY2LA and GNBA. For this reason, we are easily able to retweet final score updates from games as well as their picks for any standout Yanders Law athletes. For the biggest Yanders Law fans, Twitter is a must.

Finally, our Instagram is the best place to get visual glimpses inside the Yanders Law program. The posts come directly from the Founder himself, Rob Yanders. He drops team pictures, news, and his patented motivation that everyone can benefit from.

So, make sure that you are tuned into all outlets of Yanders Law to get as much #LawNation goodness as possible! Even during stretches where school ball becomes prioritized, we will be coming at you with recruiting news, basketball tips, motivation, and more.

Do yourself a favor and stay tuned! Thanks as always for being along for the ride!