One-on-One: Jadon Gilpin

Ahead of summer action for many of our Yanders Law athletes, we got the chance to catch up with a few of our young men. This is One-on-One with Jadon Gilpin.

An athletic 6 foot 3, junior wing Jadon Gilpin looks like a player. A good-looking stroke from outside and soft touch inside show that the Yanders Law staple has come a long way in his time with the program. Gilpin is coming off of a varsity season with Glendale High that demonstrated the improvements he has made over the years.

“We definitely could have gone farther” Jadon recalls of the Falcons 2018-19 season. “We had a lot of talent, so it is a bit disappointing.” He also pointed out that it is time to put that aside as the offseason begins and focus on improving as he always has.

Jadon Gilpin went from having limited offensive impact as a sophomore to being an All-District performer this past season. Asked what he is looking to improve upon this summer, he said that there is always room for improvement in all areas, so he is focusing on becoming a better all-around player.

“I want to focus on catch-and-shoot situations and being a better scorer in general” Jadon said. He says that this season helped him in getting more out of the offense with the ball running through him on many possessions.

As he looks to improve, he will be playing with a lot of familiar faces for Yanders Law Basketball this summer.

I’ve been playing with Yanders Law and coming around The Basketball Movement since jr. high - 7th grade. I’ve played with these guys for years. It’s always fun to compete at such a high level and just play the game versus the structure that comes with school ball.
— Jadon Gilpin

Asked to describe his role with the team, Jadon says that he will look to do a bit of everything. He will focus on defense, stretching the floor, and hitting open jumpers.

Gilpin has been a great player to have in the gym at The Basketball Movement and on the Yanders Law Basketball squad. A nice guy off the court and a big part of what we do on it - we are thrilled to have him back as his team gears up for their first game tomorrow as they travel to Milwaukee.

Good luck to Jadon this season and all of our squads! Keep an eye out for more interviews incoming over the next few days. ‘Til next time!