Yanders Law athletes in The Basketball Movement Invitational

Multiple Yanders Law athletes are set to participate in The Basketball Movement Invitational Camp for high school boys.

From October fourth through the sixth, our affiliates at The Basketball Movement are holding their annual invitational camp for top-tier high school boys. Once again, there are expected to be several athletes in attendance from our Yanders Law family.

The camp features what you would expect from any basketball event in terms of drills, skill development, fundamental honing, and more. All of this is of course ramped up several levels by the patented intensity that you can always expect at The Basketball Movement from Lead Trainer/Owner Rob Yanders and his team of coaches.

In addition to traditional camp elements, The Invitational will also act as a showcase of sorts, since it will be featuring such a wealth of talented players. There will be intense scrimmages every day, giving the players an opportunity to show out.

These scrimmages and other head-to-head style activities allow the players to truly benefit from being around other good players. Iron sharpens iron, which is what The Basketball Movement Invitational Camp is all about.

As for who will be in attendance, multiple names of invitees have dropped already. There are still more coming too. The best chance to see the names of invitees is to catch it first by following The Basketball Movement on Instagram. Rob Yanders has been dropping the names of his selections one at a time, giving each player an individualized shoutout. This also acts as a preview of the treatment that’s to come, as the camp provides a pro atmosphere with professional photos for each player, media exposure, and access to the top level facility.

Spectators are not only welcome, but encouraged to attend! Courtside leather seats will be available first-come-first-served for witnessing this top-tier event and impressive athletes.


Again, keep an eye out on the Yanders Law names being dropped and mark your calendars! This should be another good one. Stay tuned!

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What it means to be "In the trenches"

There is a sports analogy that refers to teams being “in the trenches.” What exactly does this mean?

First, perhaps we should start by saying that the origin of saying you are “in the trenches” comes from war time. At war, soldiers would dig and then occupy trenches with their fellow soldiers, putting them in a frightening, front-lines experience that only their fellow soldiers could possibly understand. So, we want to quickly point out that nothing about basketball or any sport can actually truly compare to combat situations - in case that wasn’t obvious.

Despite the seriousness of its origins, the saying is still used because it is easy to apply to other situations in which you and your brothers or sisters on a team go through tough times together to achieve goals bigger than any one individual. Only athletes that have put blood, sweat, and tears into a sport can fully understand the elation of winning championships or the lows of big losses. That is why we so often hear professionals mentioning that outsiders don’t fully understand the work that goes in behind the scenes.

There is an old clip of Isaiah Thomas (the original, Bad Boy Pistons Isaiah Thomas) watching back for the first time the tape of himself battling through a sprained ankle in the Finals, doing everything he could to will his team to victory before falling short. They cut back to Thomas, who was crying. When the host asks him about his emotion, Thomas begins to answer, but winds up telling him “You wouldn’t understand.”

It’s true. Almost everyone has played sports, so there may be some degree of understanding, but the specific circumstances that you fight through as an individual or as a team are unique. Isaiah legitimately gave his all in that series, but was unable to make magic happen. Putting it all on the court and leaving it there is a big undertaking, but one that true competitors will take on every time.

What each team goes through is what brings them closer as individuals. The greatest teams drew close in practices, on the road, or off the court - A.K.A. the trenches.

To be in the trenches with teammates is a special thing that should not be taken lightly. We hope that all of our Yanders Law athletes understand this and not only use their time to become better at basketball, but also stronger individuals and better teammates/friends.

When you are putting in work down in the trenches of the sport, don’t just do it for yourself. Do it for your team - your brothers and sisters in Yanders Law colors. The best players are almost always amazing teammates. When and where do you become an amazing teammate? In the trenches.

Back to school for Law Nation

As our athletes head back to school, we hope that they remember to embody the lessons they learned with us over the summer!

For our Yanders Law family - Law Nation - we want to see a bunch of checks in the win column, but most importantly, we want to turn out successful men and women. When the red, white, or blue jerseys are on, it’s game time; locking in and taking care of business on the court is paramount. Off the court, many of the same lessons can still apply, and we hope our athletes strive to apply those lessons.

At the level of the game our athletes play (high school on down), education is ultimately the most important thing you can focus on from a developmental standpoint. Fitness, competition, and staying active are absolutely important, but if you’re educated, you will understand that and handle it one way or another anyway!

Basketball is obviously huge for us here at Yanders Law, but part of that is because we understand its use as a tool to craft better people. Character is one of the greatest things we hope to aid our athletes in. Not only do we want our guys and gals to focus on education this school year, but also how they interact with those around them.

Sports help to create leaders. Lessons learned through Yanders Law and basketball in general can easily transfer off the court. As our founder, Rob Yanders has said “Sport is the greatest metaphor for life.” This is because you experience so many highs and lows and learn how to deal with both. All of this is done as a part of a team, which amplifies each experience.

Homework, studying, and paying attention class may not always be the most fun things to do. However, these are the little pieces that add up to an important whole.

The more you can soak up and learn in school, the more ammunition you will have to deal with all of your endeavors in life. Even if you don’t think you will use everything from algebra in day-to-day life, be aware that learning to think in different ways is just as important of a takeaway. Grow your mind and reap the rewards.

Perhaps you will have an easier time wrapping your head around our plays next time you suit up! Sound crazy? You may be surprised how many of our best players are also fantastic students.

Bettering yourself in any way is a positive, so take advantage of your classes and show them that #LawNation work ethic. Make us proud!

Be willing to adjust your game

You may have a good way of doing things. Are you willing to adjust your methods to become great?

A lot of players have multiple things they are good at. Solid free throw shooting, decent assist to turnover ratio, and serviceable defense can make you a contributor for a team. A player should not settle for these things. Shooting free throws at 70 percent? You may have to take some expert advice and be willing to tweak your shot to get to 75 or 80 percent.

Especially when it comes to shooting, players are often too proud to admit that they need to adjust from their old way of doing things. There have been a few players that have made it far with unorthodox shooting motions, but few of them have been considered great shooters.

You could get away with funky shooting if you make up for it in other ways like say... Dwight Howard. But let's be honest, you likely aren't Dwight Howard.

Being able to step back and take advice from those who have played the game at a high level and closely monitored the successes and failures of other players a high levels - that is how you can improve.

To be a good or great player, you will need to be able to adapt to doing things the best way possible. Keeping a low, strong dribble will reap more rewards than dribbling loose and high. Being tall will help get rebounds, but working hard at pursuing and having a nose for angles will elevate your ability. Always be willing to improve.

We can always be average and just do what’s normal. I’m not in this to do what’s normal.
— Kobe Bryant

If you are already doing something your way or a prior mentor/coaches way at an impressive clip - that's great. A good trainer or coach can recognize that and allow you to keep doing your thing. However, if they advise you to tweak it slightly to improve consistency (like keeping your elbow in a bit more while you shoot), it can't hurt to listen and give it a legitimate try.

We may be biased, but results don't lie. The Basketball Movement is the premier training facility in this part of the country, with some of the best coaches and trainers. If you're already good, that's awesome - we love it. There is however an opportunity for you to become great and they would love to help you. Contact them here to take your game to the next level.

Anton Brookshire draws praise from NBA-level talent

Following the recent Alize Johnson Basketball Camp at The Basketball Movement, Anton Brookshire stood out to the NBA host.

Another Yanders Law standout from the recent Alize Johnson Camp at The Basketball Movement, Anton Brookshire turned some heads as he often does. This time, he caught the eye of the camp’s host, Missouri State alum and Indiana Pacer, Alize Johnson.

Johnson was great with the athletes of all ages at his camp, giving encouragement, challenging, and growing together on his already impressive basketball journey. Giving back to the communities that helped along the way is an important piece for professional players. In doing so, they are likely to come across some young ballers that they empathize with and connect to.


“He reminds me of myself,” Alize said about Anton. “He is really humble and not necessarily trying to be big-time.”

This is high praise, especially for a player like Anton who doesn’t seek the spotlight. He simply gets in the gym every single day, trying to improve upon every facet of his game and become a leader on the court. With that, the spotlight will come, but to not seek it directly is an important key on his path.

Alize gave Anton several social media shoutouts and even offered to follow the first 100 people that went to follow his “little brother” Anton on Instagram. Again, Anton isn’t one for the spotlight, but these were cool moments for the young player.

He really knows who he is, which is big at that age - not everyone is like that. He knows he can have it all, but he doesn’t let that make him bigger than anyone. He can be a pro.
— Alize Johnson on Anton Brookshire

Often times, it takes a pro to know a pro, which should be an exciting prospect for Brookshire. It takes more than that though, and the work will not stop until a player is ready to hang it up. Luckily, we know Anton well enough that it is apparent he won’t stop. To have been on the grind so much already displays his dedication - something that will only grow as he inches closer to all of his goals as a player.

With the necessary drive and all the right tools, Anton Brookshire is well on his way to achieving all of his on-court goals. As a young man, he seems to already possess the qualities needed to be successful off the court as well.

We want to thank Alize Johnson for working with many of our athletes. Opportunities to learn from NBA-level talent means you had a chance to work with one of the best in the world. Props again to Anton for standing out in all the right ways. The best is still yet to come!

Zach Howell shows out at Alize Johnson Camp

The Basketball Movement recently hosted the Alize Johnson Basketball Camp, and Zach Howell showed out.

NBA player and Missouri State alum, Alize Johnson has long been an ally of The Basketball Movement, so it was a natural fit for him to host his summer camp there. An opportunity to learn from one of the best, the camp had a lot of players show up, including many familiar Yanders Law faces. Perhaps no one player showed up quite like Zach Howell.

There was a nice showing from area boys and girls in the 7th-12th grade camp. There were players of varying skill, but one of the clearest standouts was our own Zach Howell of Catholic High School here in Springfield.


During drills, Zach was out-hustling many of the other players and stepping up to the plate to flawlessly execute many of the tougher drills. During scrimmage situations, he showed that he was not afraid to put a team on his back, raining terror from beyond the three point line. Oh, and he threw down some impressive dunks, during breaks as well.

Zach’s growth during his time with Yanders Law and working out with The Basketball Movement has been ongoing for some time, but appears to have really taken off as of late. He is coming off of a strong summer with us and will no doubt make plenty of varsity noise for Catholic this season.

We just wanted to give Zach a shoutout since he has clearly been putting in big time work on his game. We see you, young fella. Keep at it!

Yanders Law girls take Nike National Tournament

The Nike National Tournament of Champions has concluded, with the 15U Yanders Law Girl’s squad owning their tier.

Hosting many of the best teams in the country, the Nike National Tournament of Champions is not for the feint of heart. Taking place in Chicago, the tournament promotes competition at a high level. Cautiously optimistic, the 15U Yanders Law squad came into the tournament prepared, and just kept rolling.


Being such a large tournament, the competition is broken up into tiers. Yanders Law was placed in the “Mid-Major” tier, which meant that it was right down the middle in terms of the level of play. The talent across all tiers should not be understated, as competitors at all levels came with their A-game.

Much like the big NCAA tournaments each year, things have to go just right to win every game and not get knocked out of contention. For Yanders Law, everything was clicking.

To go six and zero in such a fierce environment is not just luck. You need a plan and the ability and determination to execute that plan. Kudos to coaches Rob Yanders and Doug Arnold for making sure this team was equipped for the daunting task.

The championship game was down to the wire, making for a dramatic finish. Yanders Law was up 13 at the half, but the lead was cut back down to one as the game drew on. Mental toughness and team togetherness were the only things that could have helped in such a situation and these ladies exhibited that perfectly.


Our 15U team members are: Avery Arnold (Blue Eye), Riley Arnold (Blue Eye), Makayla Johnson (Blue Eye), Rhianna Gibbons (Nixa), Ashlynn Leonard (Republic), Lyla Watson (Ozark), Ruthie Brown (Clever), and Kaylee Helton (Miller).

This marks the first national championship of any kind for our girls program. This accomplishment and this team will be at the forefront of what Yanders Law girls should look like moving forward. We are incredibly proud of this group of young ladies and all too excited to see what else they can accomplish in the future.

Yanders Law is nothing without its players, so thank you! Thanks as well to the parents, coaches, and everyone else that make successes like this one possible. #LawNation