Big season ahead for Deonte Burton

Yanders Law alum, Deonte Burton has a great shot at making even more of a splash this year in the NBA.

If Yanders Law posted and retweeted every big highlight from Deonte Burton’s NBA Summer Leage, G-League, or NBA moments, this would really just become a dedicated fan page. The man can jump, but we know he has the whole package required to crack the rotation for what is likely now a rebuilding OKC Thunder squad.

Burton signed a two-year contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder during the season last year because the organization recognized that they needed him available for their playoff push. Now, they have the opportunity to put Deonte on the court at will, and there is no reason they shouldn’t.

The Yanders Law vet is well-known for his ridiculous bounce and eye-popping dunks (we admit, we love that too), but there is so much more to being an NBA player,including intangibles that we know Deonte possesses.

Over time, he has become an incredibly hard worker, likely do to outside motivators such as his family that push him to be the kind of player that competes at the highest level. He has the timing and quick-jump ability needed to block shots, which is tough to teach. His defense overall will only continue to improve as he continues to matchup with elite talent. His outside shot is underrated as well.

Deonte Burton said before in an interview with Wil Harrington of The Basketball Movement that his time with Rob Yanders and Yanders Law helped him greatly with the mental side of the game.

That part of the game is really big. I’m physically gifted, but so are other people at this level. Discipline and hard work separates everyone.
— Deonte Burton

With the offseason departure of Paul George, the OKC Thunder are now sitting on a bunch of draft picks, looking to overhaul the roster to build towards the future. Whether it is now or even as late as December or so, they will likely even part ways with franchise cornerstone, Russell Westbrook.

Now without George or Jerami Grant to guard multiple positions, Oklahoma City will need some versatile players to fill the void. Perhaps some promising young talent that just needs minutes to show what he can do…

The future of the OKC Thunder organization is difficult to predict short or long-term. However, there certainly appears to be an opportunity for our guy Deonte Burton to get the minutes he needs to show the world what he can really do.

Hopefully that’s how things will shake out this year for our successful former player. We will be in his corner rooting for him the whole way as always, come what may. Good luck this season, Deonte and keep ripping Summer League to shreds!