Yanders Law girls take Nike National Tournament

The Nike National Tournament of Champions has concluded, with the 15U Yanders Law Girl’s squad owning their tier.

Hosting many of the best teams in the country, the Nike National Tournament of Champions is not for the feint of heart. Taking place in Chicago, the tournament promotes competition at a high level. Cautiously optimistic, the 15U Yanders Law squad came into the tournament prepared, and just kept rolling.


Being such a large tournament, the competition is broken up into tiers. Yanders Law was placed in the “Mid-Major” tier, which meant that it was right down the middle in terms of the level of play. The talent across all tiers should not be understated, as competitors at all levels came with their A-game.

Much like the big NCAA tournaments each year, things have to go just right to win every game and not get knocked out of contention. For Yanders Law, everything was clicking.

To go six and zero in such a fierce environment is not just luck. You need a plan and the ability and determination to execute that plan. Kudos to coaches Rob Yanders and Doug Arnold for making sure this team was equipped for the daunting task.

The championship game was down to the wire, making for a dramatic finish. Yanders Law was up 13 at the half, but the lead was cut back down to one as the game drew on. Mental toughness and team togetherness were the only things that could have helped in such a situation and these ladies exhibited that perfectly.


Our 15U team members are: Avery Arnold (Blue Eye), Riley Arnold (Blue Eye), Makayla Johnson (Blue Eye), Rhianna Gibbons (Nixa), Ashlynn Leonard (Republic), Lyla Watson (Ozark), Ruthie Brown (Clever), and Kaylee Helton (Miller).

This marks the first national championship of any kind for our girls program. This accomplishment and this team will be at the forefront of what Yanders Law girls should look like moving forward. We are incredibly proud of this group of young ladies and all too excited to see what else they can accomplish in the future.

Yanders Law is nothing without its players, so thank you! Thanks as well to the parents, coaches, and everyone else that make successes like this one possible. #LawNation