Who should you model your game after?

NBA, WNBA, and NCAA players both past and present give players plenty of templates to base their games after.

Naturally, each individual player needs to be just that: their own individual player. No one else has the exact same qualities and characteristics that you possess. There are so many aspects of basketball; shooting skill, ball handling, leadership, internal motor, and more add up to make a player.

Still, when it comes to the sport, there are still qualities and playstyles that you may want to emulate. Just because you are typically defense-oriented doesn’t mean that you cannot learn a thing or two by studying Carmelo Anthony’s turnaround jumper in the paint.

Positions in basketball are becoming more fluid, meaning that size does not necessarily dictate where you will be playing. For example, in the NBA, Ben Simmons plays point guard at 6 foot 10, where Draymond Green plays power forward at 6 foot 7.

So study who you want to, but just make sure that you are staying within yourself. Before you start chucking threes like Steph Curry or Damian Lillard, make sure that you have all of the basics down and then some. Before you start banging in the paint like Anthony Davis or Brittney Griner, you may need to hit the weight room.

A while back, The Basketball Movement highlighted some top players at each position to model your game after. Again, positions can be fluid, but it could still serve as a nice starting point for players to watch and model parts of your game after.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing these player profiles with you, starting with point guards. Make sure you are following us on social media so that you can be the first to receive these tips and more from your friends at Yanders Law!