Representing the colors

In sports, competition is a strong driving force, but it helps to have other motivators to play for as well.

Whether you are playing for your school or one of the greatest teams around (Yanders Law Basketball for example), you are going to be wearing unique colors and logos. These things do much more than distinguish one team from the other on the court; they stand for the unity of a team, entity, or community.

Playing for your school means wearing the same colors and the same words across your chest as many that came before you. You are representing not just the athletic team, but also your school as a whole, which is something you should take great pride in.

For Yanders Law, the blue, red, and white symbolize a brotherhood and sisterhood among a diverse group of people. You don’t go to the same school as all of your teammates, you aren’t always going to be from the same city or town, and you may have very little in common. You do have at least one thing in common however: a love for the sport of basketball.

Yanders Law Basketball is not some extracurricular obligation, it is a team that you chose to join to allow your passion for basketball to flourish.

Each year that you play, you will be reunited once more with teammates you know, but you may also get to welcome new members into our exclusive club. Your brothers and sisters in Yanders Law colors are just that. We are family.

Many have worn the words “Yanders Law” on their jersey and many more will again in the future. For all of these individuals, this represents family, commitment, and passion for hoops. Wear it proudly, and remember to respect those that wear it with you; have their backs. We do not have a school backing us or any one particular community. We are built on players, parents, coaches, and FAMILY.

Wear it proudly!!