Deonte Burton signs with Oklahoma City Thunder

At long last, the Oklahoma City Thunder have officially signed former Yanders Law player, Deonte Burton to an NBA contract.

Robert Yanders and other Milwaukee guys knew, then Iowa State knew, then Korea knew, then the NBA G League knew. Patient OKC Thunder fans knew and they could barely wait. Finally, the Oklahoma City Thunder have signed Yanders Law alum, Deonte Burton to a multi-year NBA contract.

He was already on a two-way deal, meaning he could play some games for the Thunder, but mostly with their G League affiliate, the Oklahoma City Blue. His new contract means that he will be available for the OKC Thunder’s 2019 playoff push.

Burton still has a way to go as far as working himself into the Thunder’s regular rotation. In the playoffs, those rotations typically get even tighter for most squads. Given minutes though, Deonte has proven that he can be a force on both ends of the floor. If nothing else, his ferocious dunks and big blocks have made for some incredible early highlights for the Oklahoma City Blue as well as the Thunder.

Deonte Burton said before in an interview with Wil Harrington of The Basketball Movement that his time with Rob Yanders and Yanders Law helped him greatly with the mental side of the game.

That part of the game is really big. I’m physically gifted, but so are other people at this level. Discipline and hard work separates everyone.
— Deonte Burton

Always talented, and now mentally tough enough for the greatest basketball league in the world, Deonte Burton is on an incredible path that we are thrilled we got to be a part of. The successes of organizations such as Yanders Law or The Basketball Movement are not always tangible. The more our athletes succeed, the greater our true accomplishments.

Deonte has had help from many sources over his young career, but at the end of the day, he is completely responsible for taking lessons to heart, working hard every day, and staying determined in reaching his goals.

Congratulations, Deonte. We know that you are going to prove the OKC Thunder right for giving you this incredible shot. You deserve it. Also, send us a jersey would ya?