Applying Yanders Law experience to school ball

Unfortunately, playing for Yanders Law cannot be a year-round, exclusive commitment. However, everything learned and practiced with us can be year-round.

The coaches and staff involved with Yanders Law are diligent in reflecting the views that come from our Founder, Rob Yanders. In all that he does, Rob’s dedication to improving young people shines through absolutely. On-court improvement, skill development, and teamwork are invaluable, but so is camaraderie off the court, respect for authority, and giving back.

During our leagues, tournaments, and practices, Yanders Law squads focus on immediate tasks and matchups at hand. Preparing for opponents and doing all the little things is essential in the moment. However, we make sure to add focus on long-term goals as well.

On the court, we focus on skill development that will stick with players even after they hang up their YLB jerseys to begin a new season of school ball. The on-court lessons learned playing for Yanders Law are the same essential skills that players will need, regardless of the team they play for. We also strive to create leaders that go from our teams to lead any other teams they may be involved in.

We boast multiple alumni athletes that have gone on to play basketball at the next level following our programs. You may have also seen that a few of our local high school players have been making some noise. Anton Brookshire, Isaac Haney, and Twilah Carrasquillo all being recently named Ozarks Sports Zone Athletes of the Week being a prime example.

Unlike many teams, we consider successes outside of our program to be just as satisfying as successes within it. We love getting to root for Brookshire’s Kickapoo squad, Haney at Dora, Carrasquillo at Verona, and of course many, many more.

The high standards that Yanders Law holds its players to extends off the court as well. The only thing we love to see more than on-court success is caring, high-character moves off of it. We thrive on positive development of our athletes as people. We want nothing more than to turn out such individuals that can spread all of these traits around their communities and impact the world.

As we share in you or your player’s successes, make sure to tag Yanders Law or give us a shout so that we can get to see the impact that makes everything worth it. Good luck to all of our players as they wrap up their seasons and prepare for district contests, or whatever may be next at their level of play. Above all, continue to work hard and show them what you can do!