First annual Angels of the Hardwood a success

Our first annual Angels of the Hardwood event was a success, using basketball to make plenty of smiles and memories.

A big thank you to all of our coaches, players, families, and kids that came out to make Angels of the Hardwood a success. It was beautiful to see basketball bring together individuals from so many backgrounds, uniting in an effort to give back to this great community.

As our Yanders Law players handed out basketballs, Nike shoes, and more on Sunday, it was incredible to see the smiles on the faces of the young players at the Jones Family YMCA.

The event included some patented pep talks and workout guidance from Rob Yanders and his staff, but it was clear that Sunday was focused heavily on fun, family, and giving. The amount of love that came from an event centered around that little orange ball was truly a sight to behold.

Special thanks to the YMCA, The Basketball Movement, Nike, and Gatorade for helping to make everything possible.

The goals that Founder Rob Yanders envisioned for Angels of the Hardwood were achieved. The Yanders Law players learned valuable lessons about using their platform and privilege to give back to those in need. Rob and some of the Yanders Law players know about needing basketball as an escape not only during the holidays, but year-round. Yanders Law and The Basketball Movement will continue to seek out ways to give back to the community - especially kids.

Helping these kids was a fantastic experience. Helping their parents through the holidays was also big. When we help others, great things happen. There are many ways to do this, but the international language of sports is a great way to get the message of love across. Basketball is our thing, but if it isn’t yours, do your best to find other ways to give back.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, keep your eye out going forward for more ways to get involved with Yanders Law. Whether you are a player, parent, fan, whatever, there is always room to grow and give back with Yanders Law.

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