2018-19 high school and middle school games are underway!

Good luck to all of the Yanders Law players whose regular season school games are starting up.

The boys and girls of Yanders Law typically don’t put basketball out of their mind at any particular point in the year. The sport can be played year-round, so there is always time to get in the gym.

Yanders Law basketball doesn’t take much of the year off either, with many of our teams still currently seeing action. Though the program prides itself on Yanders Law team success, it also takes great pride in individual successes of its many young men and women.

Individual exposure can happen anywhere, but there is also something special about playing for your school’s team. The rivalries between schools (or players), school spirit, and playing with others you have grown up around make playing ball for your school a great experience.

So, as many of our players kick off these seasons for high school and middle school, we want to wish them the best of luck! Our support does not stop when you take off your Yanders Law jersey.

Each of our players are part of a brotherhood or sisterhood that carries over no-matter which court you’re on or which colors you’re wearing.

Don’t hesitate to let us know about your successes for your school either. We love to hear about every accolade on the court or in the classroom. Basketball can’t last forever (as a player) so our main goals are centered around cultivating responsible, disciplined, and driven individuals and teammates in all areas of life.

Many of our players are using this time to prove what they can do on the floor and get noticed by coaches and scouts at the next level of the game. A special shoutout to those individuals as they strive to make their dream of continued basketball a reality. (Read up on one such Yanders Law player here)

Good luck to all as these new seasons start up. We’ll be watching, so make us proud!