Yanders Law - The process

“The process” is more than just a catch phrase for the NBA’s Joel Embiid. It sums up what goes into improving our players.

The process of improving all aspects of a player on the floor is difficult to describe without famous quotes and buzzwords. The little details behind each and every aspect of player improvement come from time spent on specific skills and lessons.

Though each player and program use their own form of process, Yanders Law is confident that our process ranks with any in the nation. It all starts at the top with basketball mind, our founder Rob Yanders.

Watching Rob work with Yanders Law players is fascinating. The constant movement and improvement is peppered with brief pauses that he takes to pull plays and schemes out of thin air. He will run players through a variation of a play, reposition them, and start over until the play is perfected. The end results are well known in the grassroots basketball community.

Rob’s players pound the dribble more than any I’ve ever seen before, executing 5 on 0 drills and plays with in-game-ferocity. Each player rotates to every position, so they know every action inside and out.

From such run-throughs to the intricacy of each individual jump shot and free throw routine, these players have a true advantage that comes from the Yanders Law process.

Every coach and player is unique, but the methodology is the same - Outwork your opponents and over-prepare for every situation. This mentality can be applied outside the game as well, as we have seen through player academic successes and alumni collegiate and professional proficiency.

The emphasis on this process will be evident not only on the court, but through each player’s life. We think that’s pretty special.

Individuals involved in the Yanders Law process already know what we’re talking about. If you aren’t part of the family yet, hit us up and we’ll talk about it! Player development is key, but people development is paramount, so we are ready to give everyone a shot.

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